"Never Trouble Trouble Til Trouble Troubles You."

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I am a 23 year old tv fanatic, a sci-fi geek, a video editor, a writer, and a future professional video editor... or an author. I got into NYU, but couldn't get loans to attend. You can call me Rob.

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Ulysses bobbing up and down, day in, day out, for over 30 years.
Keet blowing endless bubbles in a corner against the wall.
An unnamed orca beaches itself over and over again.
Kalia beaches herself and violently thrashes, repeatedly.
Orcas bob motionlessly at the surface of the water.
And sad, abused Morgan, chews on the walls of her tank and breaks her teeth.

These are all blatant examples of stereotypy behavior in orcas.

"[Stereotypy] are repetitive behaviors in captive animals, particularly those given inadequate mental stimulation. These behaviors may be maladaptive, involving self-injury or reduced reproductive success, and in laboratory animals can confound behavioral research”

Circus tricks are not natural ‘behaviors’, and stereotypy behavior is unhealthy. But these are the real behaviors captive orcas express. Are they healthy? 


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See the Road flows past your doorstep, calling for your feet to stray. Like a deep and rolling river, it will sweep them far away.

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Long live the new queen.

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